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To those who have bought me stuff off my wishlist… THANK YOU! Once some stuff gets here, I’ll definitely be taking pictures and trying out some new dildos on video to show my appreciation. :D

My experience with the internet.

Me: Here’s a bunch of pictures and stuff.

Internet: I CAME. moar. Do more. now. right nao. do it.

Me: Okay, here you go.

Internet: Oh god, my penis is like diamonds. MAKE MORE. You fucking owe me.

Me: Okay, I guess? Here you go. btw, can I have like… a dollar? If you can spare it. If not, it’s cool.

Internet: Fuck you, you fucking whore. /unfollow

Me: ;__;

- Written & Directed by Natalie Loves Cum

Hey. Donate.

I know I haven’t put out any content lately, but srsly, I need money. If you’re a person with money to spare, please feel free to give me a little… or a lot. There’s a Donate button on my page, in the bio section.

More Money = Less Problems

Less Problems = Less Stress

Less Stress = More Horny

More Horny = More Porn

Please. :3

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