with different angles like a from above pov so we can see how deep you can really get it, and of course you have to lick it first :p!

I’ll do my best. I need to get a tripod and shit for better angles.


you should make a video with that really big dildo of yours while wearing that pink outfit so i can throw money at you!

I’ll make that happen. :3

I intend to make a lot of videos, with dildos and assplay and outfits and whatever else I can come up with, in the very near future.


Do you have a schedule for shows? I cock is aching to see you

No solid schedule yet, but Iā€™m going to try to do at least 3 a week. More eventually. They’ll tend to be in the evening/night during the week and kinda whenever during the weekend, primarily Saturday.


Would you post a video of you talking for like 60 seconds please?

Maybe. I talk a shitload in my cam shows. Try to catch one. ^_^


would you ever wear breast forms like kalindra chan or get a boob job like the other porn stars. also why are you hot and why do i want to suck your dick

I’ve worn breast forms in a few photo sets. I thought they looked sexy, but I don’t use them all the time because I don’t want to misrepresent what sort of body I have. If that makes sense. I’d be happy to grow some and/or get implants though.

First, I’m going to say a combination of genetics and flattering camera angles. Second, because you’re at least a little gay, and that’s okay.

I uploaded the video this .gif set originated from here.

Disclaimer: I really don’t do anything in the video other than pose. More of a behind the scenes than anything. :3


I've asked before but you've never answered. What is the brand of the dildo you're using in the Natalie Fucks Herself Stupid video? I totes want to get one.

I’m about 98% sure it’s this one.

I added a like button to posts on my main tumblr page, but I’m not sure if it actually works. Can someone test it and tell me?